Meet the team – Sergio

Say hi to Sergio Fadel! 

Sergio is currently working with #research and #development (R&D) at Liba Bröd. A challenging yet fun task that includes activities that the company undertakes to innovate and introduce new products. 

We asked Sergio what he likes most about his job: 

”The answer is easy, being a part of bringing the company forward! My task is to identify what we lack in our assortment and how we can fill that gap. It is both a challenging and fulfilling #job, with a lot of variety” 

What is your favorite part about Liba Bröd as a #workplace

”Being a part of a #community that promotes personal development and that the company gives me space to grow. In addition to that, it is my colleagues, of course. It may sound like a clichée, but I really mean it!”