Marketing Manager – Eliane

Today we’re having a chat with the #Marketing Manager of Liba Bröd – Eliane Fadel She is driven by challenges, that’s when she’s right in her element. As a company with an ever increasing #growth, with short chains of decision making and where the board unanimously agrees that we always need to be better, she feels right at home. What is the best part about your #job? “It’s the opportunity to have a #team of my own. When the team grows in their ability to deliver a higher level of #work it challenges you to grow. It motivates me to continuously deliver the best performance that I possibly can. To optimize our work processes and match the right competence with the current goal!” What do you like most about Liba Bröd as a #workplace? “The youthful spirit that promotes a creative work environment. We hold a huge amount of respect for each other, and we value each others competence. This is, if you ask me, what I see as the biggest contributing factor to the strong sense of #community that we have.”